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Piss Peace
Piss Peace
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Going to the bathroom while going through a miscarriage was really confrontational. Each time I would go, there was blood to manage, which while it is similar to a period, the volume and length were increased. Not all the bathrooms on my campus have pads or tampons in the bathrooms, and most buildings don’t have all gender bathrooms in them. So I sometimes treated myself and hiked all the way to an all gender bathroom. There were a few signs in the bathroom. One, as seen in the photo, said any inappropriate behavior will be reported and another saying that the all gender bathroom is being camera monitored. While I don’t think they mean what I was doing was wrong, it heightened that feeling like I was doing something wrong or that I caused this miscarriage. My brain was constantly thinking about the miscarriage and it was weird to just keep going with work and school.