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Anchors Artists' Statement – Emily Berl and sea Krob (Dutzi Gallery, February 26-29, 2024)

Inflating the mattress, spreading the sheet, providing the snacks, checking in with the bodies (potty?), arbitrating the squabbles, getting the water (be careful, don’t spill!), spilling the water, getting the towel, taking a deep breath, dimming the lights, placing the blanket, tucking them in, getting to work, cleaning the crumbs, packing it up, carrying the babies, repeat.

Driving past the house, driving past the house, driving past the house, stopping at the house.

December, lights go up, January, lights go down, December, lights go up…

Coyote mills around. Busy last night. Coyote eats a rat. Racoon? Skunk chases coyote.

Walking through. Walking through again. Something was here. Walking through again

Repetition is comfortable. It’s an anchor in unstable times. Familiar echoes of monotonous tasks reverberate throughout space leaving physical remnants as an index of what has happened and what will happen again. Remnants become histories. It happens again.

Always do this before you start:

1). How am I feeling today?
2). What do I want to accomplish today?
3). What am I excited about?

- Emily and sea